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Request a Counsyl Screen: Clinical Information

Do you have a doctor?

Counsyl performs tests that a healthcare practitioner orders. This can be an MD, DO or an NP.

Thank you for your interest in ordering a Counsyl screen!

Counsyl is a CLIA lab and, given the type of service we offer, we are only permitted under U.S. law to perform tests that a healthcare practitioner orders. This can be an MD, DO or an NP.

To connect with a doctor, reach out to your current healthcare provider, such as your Primary Care or OBGYN. When you've discussed this with your doctor, you can enter their information on this website and we will send them the appropriate authorization form.

If you do not have a current healthcare provider, you can use a resource such as to find a doctor in your area and book an appointment to discuss Counsyl.

Not in the US? Contact us to see whether Counsyl is available in your country.

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We will work with your doctor to try and authorize your Counsyl order.

After your doctor approves, we will mail you a saliva collection kit.

Not in the US? Contact us at to see whether Counsyl is available in your country.

Test methodology

The biggest differences are speed, how many mutations we can detect, and price. Please visit our billing resources page for more information about the Counsyl billing process. The cost for Genotyping (1.0) will be the same or less than that for sequencing. Note that Genotyping is only available for the Foresight Carrier Screen.

Disease panel

The cost is the same for all panels.


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